Posted: October 2, 2007 in Gaming
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There are a lot of MMORPGs out there in the cyberverse, I have also played most of them. Some, I still play, others have fallen to the side of the road, however still hold a special place in my heart.. 🙂

So! Since I have nothing really to discuss here, I decided I would give my thoughts and oppinions about 4 games that are currently on the market..4 of the more popular ones and let you know my thoughts on them.


Storyline: It has a story buried in there SOMEWHERE..although it’s not very dominant, and doesn’t make you feel like a part of the story, in fact I spent most of the time skipping past the dialogs(Which constitutes the story).

Graphics: The Graphics aren’t very realistic, but in all honesty, it isn’t meant to be. It has a cartoony feel to the game which is in fact part of it’s charm. The unrealistic graphics also allows the game to run on systems that aren’t high end. If you are wanting an MMORPG that is going to put your computer to the limits and be so realistic your eyes will pop out, I suggest looking elsewhere.

Grouping & Soloability: The game can be solo’ed much of the time, but for a lot of quest, and dungeon runs you will NEED to find a group, however the game is fairly group friendly, and in most cases it’s pretty easy to find a group.

PvP: The game is a PvE game, with PvP put in…Don’t kid yourself and expect it to be anything more…The PvP is fun however, and is supported…A variety of ways can be found to test your PvP skills, from arena battles to world PvP.

RP: Non-existant. Yes, there are some RPers on RP servers, but for the most part, you will join an RP server, and never get a chance to RP..This is sad because the game has lots of potential for RPability..

Expansions: As of this writing there is currently 1 available expansion pack, and one soon to be released. The available expansion pack isn’t that great, in fact it was a major disappointment, at least to me. It didn’t offer anything new…It was the same stuff I had already done, just with new graphics..I ended up very bored.

Final thoughts: The game is fun when you start out, and goes strong for quite awhile…If you have never played World of Warcraft, you will be entertained for awhile…if however you have played it, quit and been thinking about returning for the expansion pack? I wouldn’t recomend it.


Storyline: Great storyline that makes you feel like you are actually a part of it. The story is told through cinema scenes that take place during “Missions”. Each story leaves you hanging on the edge of the seat, eager to find out what happens next.

Graphics: Fantastic graphics, especially for the fact that the game is a few years old. Very impressives, and despite its beautiful graphics it will still run on systems that aren’t what some might call “Super Computers”.

Grouping & Soloability: The game supports both types of playstyle. It is primarily designed for group questing and hunting, and if you try to head out alone into the wilderness, chances are you are going to see swarms of enemies blocking your path, and you will know then and there…a group is required even for simple hunting, grinding or farming…However! The game has “Henchmen” which you can add to your group, which are basically computer controlled NPC party members, so in theory you could play all the way up to level 20 without ever entering into a group.

PvP: Guild Wars is designed as a PvP/PvE game, however please note that I put PvE first. Much of what you do in PvE is to improve your PvP persona, unlocking skills and items that can be used in PvP arenas and so fourth. You can even create a lvl 20 PvP character right from the get-go if you dont want to PvE..Although this is not recomended as it helps to get a feel for the game mechanics through PvE..Not to mention the unlockables! The game has a variety of different PvP arenas and styles, although I haven’t done much PvP, My main focus is PvE…I am hooked on the storylines.

RP: Nada, Zero, Zilch, Negatory…There are no servers so thus there are no RP servers, and you won’t find anyone RPing least I havent seen any.

Expansions: Several Expansion packs have been released for Guildwars, most of them can even be played as a stand alone, or combined with the core game to expand the playing field. Each expansion pack offers something new, although in all fairness, other than the new storylines, most of the new additions(Like Heroes and so fourth) are geared toward PvP.

Final thoughts: Anyone who plays MMORPGs should own this game. Something unique about Guild Wars is this: It’s free to play. Yes, you have to buy the game, but there are no monthly charges, nothing! Unlike most MMORPGs that charge 15 bucks a month..Therefore! You should have this game, that way when you get burned out on your MMORPG of choice, you can play on Guildwars!


Storyline: Fun and exciting storyline that does draw you into the world of Middle-Earth. Plus the story to Lord of the Rings Online(Or LOTRO for short) is a different story than what was shown in the books or movies, though your story does tend to cross paths with the story following the fellowship.

Graphics: The graphics at maximum setting are very nice, and the attention to detail is incredible. One of the most beautiful games I have had the honor of playing.

Grouping & Soloability: LOTRO is heavily group dependant, you can do many quests solo, but to do that you need to wait til the quest is colored light blue, and by then you won’t get as much EXP as you normally qould if you grouped the quest earlier. That means you will find yourself grinding a lot. Some people might prefer this method. I do, because it keeps me from having to deal with idiot players who think their poo don’t stink.

PvP: This game is PvE. No doubt about it! Yes, PvP does exist, but was only added later after the game was released and the PvP takes the form of “Monster Play” where players take on the role of a monster and engage others in mortal combat. Despite the fact that PvP(Or Monster Play) was an after thought, it turned out VERY well, and is actually quite fun and addictive, and remarkably well balanced.

RP: Despite the fact that there is no official “RP server” there is quite a bit of RP in the game..Maybe due to that fact that a lot of the people who play LOTRO are Tolkien fans, and are eager to immerse themselves into the fantasy rich world of Middle-Earth..Who can blame them either? It’s an in-depth world ripe for role play!

Expansions: There currently are no Expansion packs to speak of, though there are a few “Books” which add new content and storyline segments…though these are more patches…Hopefully We will see an expansion pack..Knock on wood.

Final thoughts: I love the game, I do have a complaint though. US players have to play on US servers, and UK players on Euro servers…I don’t like being apart like that. Its also means there are some majorly dead time periods. Also a number of my online friends are from euro, this means I can’t even play this game with them…Honestly, its a big enough of a pain to make me consider dropping the game, despite all its ups…this is one down thats just TOO big.


Storyline: I’m sure it has a storyline somewhere, I just can’t find it…perhaps it’s buried under all those boring lifeless dialog boxes. Most of those boxes I don’t read, because it’s quite honestly…boring and lifeless..Sure, a lot of it is voice acted, but I still skip past it…because its STILL boring as hell.

Graphics: Graphics are incredible! Also very realistic. Everquest II (Or EQ2 for short) sports some of the most realistic graphics available on any MMORPG. To witness the graphics at it’s finest however you will need to crank those settings WAY up, the downside to this? Unless you have a really good computer, your PC will be on it’s knees begging for mercy..Also, due to the fact, that the graphics are so incredible, and realistic, if you lower them too much to increase performance, you are going to end up with a visual pile of crap, where you have trouble telling whats what….where water is so discolored and pixelated that you can’t even tell it’s any form of liquid, let alone water.

Grouping & Soloability: The game can be Solo’ed quite easily, though in many quests you might want to group up, it makes some of the oh-so-boring quests a bit less boring when others are forced to experience it..Misery loves company I suppose.

PvP: The PvP is EQII is…existant, and can be fun, but also can be a bit on the boring side…You aren’t going to be on the edge of your seat, because in most cases it’s not skill that wins the battles, its who got the first hit in. Each time I engaged someone in PvP I won, each time I was engaged, I lost…This might appeal to casual PvPers, but hardcore PvP players will find themselves deeply let down.

RP: Like WoW EQ2 has servers dedicated to RP but not much if any RP can be found….Unfortunate because also like Warcraft it’s a nice world to RP in, and the fact that it’s missing a decent storyline, leaves lots of room for you to create a unique one just for you.

Expansions: A number of expansion packs have been released for EQ2…So many thats it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them. The expansions always offer something new, so this is great if you love the game, because you are never left bored and never find yourself without something to do, because once you have done all there is to do..most likely another Expansion pack will be hitting the store shelves.

Final thoughts: Over all a decent game, though it shares many similarities to World of Warcraft, including the blandness…So, if you are one of those types who can’t get enough WoW..You might find this game very interesting..Keep in mind though, that like the original EverQuest…EverQuest II is not geared toward the casual gamer…prepare to invest a lot of time, and a lot of sleepless nights to make any progress on this game…To me, it begins seeming like a job than a game…Bu that’s just me!


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