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Trick or Treat!

Posted: October 31, 2007 in General

Happy HalloweenHave a safe and wonderful Halloween tonight peoples! Beware of wandering werewolves, stragling Zombies and Dancing demons!

But most importantly….Have a fiendishly good time!


Well, fans of the Knights of the Old Republic gaming franchise should be dancing a little jig..possibly. Apparently there’s a rumor traveling around the rumor mill that the next KOTOR game will actually be an MMORPG. Not sure if this will replace the talked about KOTOR III title, or will be produced alongside(Possibly using KOTOR III to set the stage for the events of KOTOR Online? One can only speculate.)

I am a huge KOTOR fan, and am hoping the rumors are true. I would love nothing more than to play KOTOR online. As for what the premise would be? Could be anything really, but most of the internet populace is hoping for a game set during the Mandalorian wars, and since that’s what the peoples are wanting..i’m thinking there is a fairly large chance the people will get it.

I’ll wrap this up with my speculation on what to expect. I believe KOTOR Online will be KOTOR 3 and will be the final one in the franchise(All good star wars sagas have three chapters, and what better finale than an online version? That’s been something people have been wanting since the first one was released). It will most likely be set during the Mandalorian wars. You will begin the game by waking up in a space ship without any memory of who you are.

No matter what, I am sure it will be good since it’s being released by BioWare.

Juarez!This is a story driven first person shooter based out of the wild west. The graphics are outstanding, but that has come to be expected when a game rests on the sheer brute power of the xbox 360 game console.

The two main playable characters are interesting and each has their own play style and abilities. Over time you will end up having a favorite of the two characters. Some might prefer that characters back story, personality or skills and abilities.

The levels do tend to get boring and repetitive however. Though the graphics help bring the levels to life, they do still get very boring. With the game being set in the wild west, they all tend to look exactly alike. Dust covered trails, old wooden buildings and lots and lots of brush..and the occasional mine thrown in to add a splash of difference.

The weapons are boring as well, but to be fair it’s the 1800’s, and you aren’t going to get anything that screams “Wow”. Sorry, no alien lasers. Just hand guns, rifles and TNT…although the bible does prove to be an interesting “Weapon” when using the rev.

As far as vehicles go, there’s horses you can ride, though they are a bit difficult to control, and using a weapon while riding high in the saddle? Next to impossible.

The difficulty of the game isn’t really that hard either, even when on the higher difficulty settings, which means most gamers will just zoom through this title, so if you are looking for a drawn out epic title, you might be disappointed with this.

Over all, I would say this title is slightly below average, and could have been improved on so many levels. It has it’s upsides as well as it’s downsides, so it depends on what you look for in a game. To me? This just didn’t make the grade.

overall, i would give this game a 4 out of 10 stars. Not that great, but could have been a lot worse.

some of you may have read a recent entry of mine where I went on about the Second Life based game for the movie I am legend? Well, it has happened again, this time however instead of it being for a movie, it is for a television show. The TV show is CSI: Ny, and they apparently have created an MMO based INSIDE the world of Second Life.

The game is interesting, and actually quite fun. The premise is that you travel through the virtual “Mean streets” of new york and investigate odd murders. New ones are supposedly going to be added regularly. To help you investigate and solve these often times strange cases of foul play, you can use the nifty handy dandy forensic lab!

The virtual new york however doesnt look very dirty, in fact it has more shine than an Imperial battle cruiser from Star Wars…Or even Darth Vaders armor! In fact unless you search and scour, you won’t even find any graffiti..I have only spotted one, and that was nicely tucked away.

The CSI:NY – Secondlife project also sports a new client for playing in Second Life..I can’t say if that’s any good, since I didn’t feel the need to grab it. You don’t NEED it, if you already have a SL client, and I didn’t want to bother with the Download, and then have to figure out where everything is.

Apparently though I am Legend wasn’t the first one to do a SL tie-in…and CSI:NY wasnt the first to do a TV show Tie-in. I recently discovered that Gossip Girl has their own little thing. I have no clue what the Gossip Girl areas of Second Life are like, or even what the show is about, however I just felt I would mention that in case somebody was interested.

Well, as I mentioned earlier I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars lately..As a matter of fact I finished up the campaign in prophecies, and unlocked “Hardmode”. Im not much of a “Hard Mode” player though, so probably wont be trying that out. Which means I havent a clue what I am going to be doing. I could play the expansion packs, but in all honesty those are a LITTLE bit of a letdown…I think. Though my opinion could be based on the fact that I havent really given it a chance…so..I think I will do that.

Im baaaaaaack!

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first, I want to state that I am very sorry for the lack of updates these last few days. I could tell you how a large glowing portal opened up in my living room, and how a cyborg stepped out with a laser pointer for an eye and approached me and told me that the future was in danger. That temporal rifts were appearing across the world, and that these rift threatened to not only destroy the future, but rip apart the space-time continum and destroy the fabric of time as well, therefor causing time to cease existing or ever to have existed to begin with. All life that is, ever will be or ever has been would be wiped from existance.

Then I could finish up by saying how this cyborg needed me to travel back with him, because my spectral aura is the only frequency that can saftly travel through the rifts without imploding, and they need me to travel those rifts and stop them from spreading and save all of existance…and then I went, fought a giant alien bug who claimed to be the creator of all, times and all universes and all dimensions…and that he was bored of his creation and was tearing it down..kinda like kids do with sand castles…But i defeated him and saved life as we know it, and got awarded the title of “Rift walker”.

I could tell you all that…but that would be a lie. Fact of the matter is, I have been playing Guild Wars.

I am very much into Zombie movies. I feel Zombie flicks are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Most Zombie fans would agree! So, imagine my delight when I head about the movie “I am Legend” Starring Will Smith? It’s a Zombie movie, but with a twist..The basic outbreak scenario is the same…But’s it’s different! So, I am eagerly anticipating this movie!

Also, Zombie fans should be equally delighted to learn that Warner Bros has released a game based on the movie! Sort of, It’s built within the virtual world of Second Life, so it’s not a stand alone game, however it’s quite fun and intense..I suggest checking out the website for more details as well as some video of gameplay!