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Well, it’s been awhile since I have posted here…*wipes off a bit of dust from the back of the blog, and vacums up a dust bunny.*…I will most likely go back to posting here full time again. The reason I stopped was cause I was preparing for my visitor that I mentioned in my last post. (We will go into that in a moment, like the title says, playing catch-up)

 So, now the fun part begins eh? The Catch-up part! First, I want to begin by saying that Naomi unfortunately didn’t make it over…she said she had cold feet, so decided not to make the trip….we’ll try again next summer, unless I am able to get over there before then myself. *knock on wood*

In other news, I have fought off a mouse invasion, and by invasion I mean, I had meeces, but not exactly sure how many…Enough to be a pain in the arse anyway. The Mouse invasion was led by General Mo, however he was the first of his squad to perish. In the end, The Shaide Empire was victorious and the Mouse Menace was neutralized!

Also, I have been playing a few games on my Comp, although unfortunately I believe its on its last leg and will end up just falling to pieces soon…If it does, I should be fine, and be able to get it repaired…I have 350 bucks saved up that I have been planning on using to get one of those new whizzbang Xbox 360 game consoles….Ok, I know they aren’t “new” but they are new to me, cause I aint got one yet 😛

Theres a few more things I could go on about, but I ‘hink I shall save that for another entry on another day.