Posted: May 13, 2007 in Comics, Tv is good, WWW and beyond!
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Superman is a pretty powerful dude! If you’ve watched the movies, read the comic books or even watched ANY of the shows, you would know how insanely powerful he is! So, naturally when someone that powerful is running around doing good deeds(And even occasionally lapses into bouts of evilness) I wonder, what would happen if a being this powerful became and stayed evil?!? He would be the most powerful criminal entity any earthling has ever known! How could we protect ourselves, let alone stop him??

Well, fortunately I am not the only one who thought about the potential danger that could arise in just such a situation! In fact, someone invented a device that one can use to prevent superman crimes! I present to the blog surfing world! Kryptonite Bike Locks! Never again will you have to worry about your bike being stolen by superman! While this invention won’t keep you and your family safe from a potential superman rampage…you will reast easier knowing your bike won’t be falling into his hands!


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