New batman game idea

Posted: May 4, 2007 in Gaming
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Anyone who has EVER played a “Batman” game, knows that batman games suck. They just do..It’s their curse. They have stunk ever since the NES days…and that has been awhile.

HOWEVER! I had got to thinking…and I thought of a Batman game I would love to play! So, here is my idea for a new Batman game…

Don’t base the game on the movies..the movies tend to suck, so chances are..The game will suck too! Don’t base it on the comics either because..Quite frankly, the fanboys prolly won’t like it, because in their eyes noithing is going to be as good as the comic..Plus, it’s just near impossible to get the feel right.

What’s left you say? A batman game based on the 60’s camp series “Bat-Man”! You can even get Adam West to do the voice of Batman! I mean, he has done voice work in other games..So it’s not like he’s opposed to video game voice work!

You *COULD* even have the game Cell Shaded if you want, but that would be a judgement call..It would add a cartoon look to the game and people would know that it isn’t serious..Plus cell-shading used to be all the rage right now..sooo….that would kinda add to the nostalgia factor, plus if made on the last generation consoles as sort of a last hurrah kinda thing, then cell shading would be pretty keen?

Also, when you punch a villian on occasion a little POW! or KABLAM! balloon could appear over the guy you just hit! You could even have a level where you must stop cat woman who has just stolen a priceless cat collar from the gotham egyptian museum…and the final battle with cat woman in the form of a mini-game that plays like one of those dance games that are so popular..and you have a dance off with her doing the batusi!

You could call the game.. “The Bat-Game!”

Okay, it might still sort of suck..thanks to the batman game curse..but really, it couldn’t possibly do any worse than the other batman games, PLUS! you would have the nostalgian bonus factor..Meaning, in reviews you would get that extra point or so..simply for Nostalgia!

I think it would be coolio, and I would definately buy it!


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