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Posted: May 13, 2007 in Comics, Tv is good, WWW and beyond!
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Superman is a pretty powerful dude! If you’ve watched the movies, read the comic books or even watched ANY of the shows, you would know how insanely powerful he is! So, naturally when someone that powerful is running around doing good deeds(And even occasionally lapses into bouts of evilness) I wonder, what would happen if a being this powerful became and stayed evil?!? He would be the most powerful criminal entity any earthling has ever known! How could we protect ourselves, let alone stop him??

Well, fortunately I am not the only one who thought about the potential danger that could arise in just such a situation! In fact, someone invented a device that one can use to prevent superman crimes! I present to the blog surfing world! Kryptonite Bike Locks! Never again will you have to worry about your bike being stolen by superman! While this invention won’t keep you and your family safe from a potential superman rampage…you will reast easier knowing your bike won’t be falling into his hands!


WoW on the Simpsons

Posted: May 9, 2007 in Gaming, Toonage, Tv is good
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While I am not a huge fan of the animated series “The Simpsons” I do wish I saw the episode of the Simpsons which features the denziens of Springfield playing in a very Wowlike MMORPG. Fortunately there is Youtube, and though I missed the actual episode, I was able to see all the WoW parts! So, in case you missed it….Watch in wonderment!

Some of you may or may not have known that not too long ago there was talk of giving Aquaman his very own Television series. Even less of you might now that the series was actually filmed! The pilot episode anyway! It however was never aired. You however can still watch it on-line!

The show has a lot in common with Smallville, f’rinstance the lead actor of “Aquaman” also stars in Smallville…well, used to…not so much anymore. He used to play Oliver Queen(AKA The Green Arrow)….Which is kind of amusing seeing him play Aquaman even though Ive seen him fight side by side with Aquaman on Smallville episodes.

Another thing thats very similar between the two shows is the over-use of a hospital….most episodes of Smallville has the hospital and most of the episodes have a good ammount of time in the hospital(In fact I still think Smallville Hospital should get its own spinoff series). Apparently Aquaman was no different. First episode and the hospital was already introduced and a good ammount of time spent there.

Anyway, back to commenting on the “Aquaman” series. It was a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t care for it, but then again im not a big fan of Aquaman! However if you love Aquaman or are a major fan of DC comics, you might enjoy the pilot.

Good news, my Granny was released from the hospital today. She’s feeling a little better, although slightly weakened, but that’s to be expected I suppose. However the important thing is that she’s OK and she’s home 🙂 I must admit I was slightly worried….ok, maybe a little more than slightly…lol

Yay for Holidays?

Posted: May 4, 2007 in WWW and beyond!

Happy National Masturbation Month!!! 😀

New batman game idea

Posted: May 4, 2007 in Gaming
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Anyone who has EVER played a “Batman” game, knows that batman games suck. They just do..It’s their curse. They have stunk ever since the NES days…and that has been awhile.

HOWEVER! I had got to thinking…and I thought of a Batman game I would love to play! So, here is my idea for a new Batman game…

Don’t base the game on the movies..the movies tend to suck, so chances are..The game will suck too! Don’t base it on the comics either because..Quite frankly, the fanboys prolly won’t like it, because in their eyes noithing is going to be as good as the comic..Plus, it’s just near impossible to get the feel right.

What’s left you say? A batman game based on the 60’s camp series “Bat-Man”! You can even get Adam West to do the voice of Batman! I mean, he has done voice work in other games..So it’s not like he’s opposed to video game voice work!

You *COULD* even have the game Cell Shaded if you want, but that would be a judgement call..It would add a cartoon look to the game and people would know that it isn’t serious..Plus cell-shading used to be all the rage right now..sooo….that would kinda add to the nostalgia factor, plus if made on the last generation consoles as sort of a last hurrah kinda thing, then cell shading would be pretty keen?

Also, when you punch a villian on occasion a little POW! or KABLAM! balloon could appear over the guy you just hit! You could even have a level where you must stop cat woman who has just stolen a priceless cat collar from the gotham egyptian museum…and the final battle with cat woman in the form of a mini-game that plays like one of those dance games that are so popular..and you have a dance off with her doing the batusi!

You could call the game.. “The Bat-Game!”

Okay, it might still sort of suck..thanks to the batman game curse..but really, it couldn’t possibly do any worse than the other batman games, PLUS! you would have the nostalgian bonus factor..Meaning, in reviews you would get that extra point or so..simply for Nostalgia!

I think it would be coolio, and I would definately buy it!

So, there’s this site called YouTube. Yea, I know…yer already PERFECTLY aware of it, but thats beside the point really. Like i was saying…The site is there, and for the longest time I have been going and watching videos there and whatnot…HOWEVER! Just recently I decided I was going to put some videos up…Which I did!

Most are just boring vids of me acting stupid, which I do quite well! 🙂 but the vid I did that I will be showing you today is slightly different. I made an animated remake of the classic film “Old Yeller”. Most of you know the movie I am sure, even if you havent seen it….Either way, yer all invited to my cartoon debut! 😀

Aside from this remake being a cartoon whats different? well, it’s made for todays youth, so several changes had to be put into place…first its shortened because kids today don’t have a long attention span. Its re-written both to allow it to fit within the new timeframe as well as to make the dialog more understandable to todays youth..

So without further ado…I present to you…. Ol’ Yeller