Stealth titles.

Posted: April 30, 2007 in Gaming
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I love stealth games! I have loved stealth games since “Metal Gear” first graced that wonderous chunk of gray plastic..”The Nintendo Entertainment System“. Since then I have played most if not all stealth titles released. Although my FAVORITE one by far is the Splinter Cell series! It has everything you could hope for in a stealth game, and in each new chapter of the saga, there’s ALWAYS more new things! It just keeps getting better!

Now, Splinter Cell maybe my favorite series overall, but it doesnt have the best PREMISE! Don’t get me wrong, the premise is great! Its just simply not the best premise on the market that appeals to me. My vote for best stealth title premise? Goes to the “Hitman” series. Maybe that’s just because I prefer playing characters that are total opposites from the person I am. So, evil or criminal type characters appeal to me..A lot! I find it fun to be someone I wouldn’t actually ever be, even if I had the skill and training.

Another stealth title that falls under the same umbrella as hitmans “So not me” shadow is the “Thief” series, which while a good series kind of falls flat in the presence of other titles of this genre. Not that it’s bad, just that it lacks some of the appeal carried by other stealth series that makes them stand out.

So, now you might be asking why exactly I am even writing about these games, considering this is my first post about games(Although in all fairness it’s also only like my third post. I am still finding my niche). Well, I will tell you! I have been recently re-playing the Splinter Cell series, starting from the first it as well as stealth games are on my mind, so I thought I would ramble on here about them for a few before I headed off to become Sam Fisher once more! 😉

  1. dailypop says:

    I hear you in your stealth game love, but still the appeal of Thief for me is that you really have to stay hidden. It’s such a tough game!

    And the world that it takes place in is also quite strange and unique.

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