Clean as a whistle

Posted: April 30, 2007 in All about ME!

I just stepped out of the shower, not more than 2 minutes ago. It’s the 7th shower I have had today! Why? Well, not because I have some kind of conpulsive “Cleaness” thing going on! As a matter of fact I prefer things to be a little dirty instead of shiney clean! It makes things seem more lived in I suppose! It’s also not because of some irrational fear of germs and/or Bacteria. My irrational fears are reserved for bees, spiders and dogs.

So, now you know what reasons I didn’t have for taking showers, but still I havent said why I take so many! The answer is short and simple really. The heat! See? Quick, simple and to the point. It’s Summer and it’s hot! Which means being wet and sitting underneath a fan will cool me off 😀


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