Ask a stupid question…

Posted: April 27, 2007 in General, WWW and beyond!
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There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.” and while that in most cases usually DOES apply….It’s not always the case! Take for example a little site called Yahoo Answers where people can go and ask questions and get responses from other people from all over the place..including people who sometimes know what they are talking about!

 However! Sometimes someone comes along and asks stupid questions. These questions are either ignored, replied to with(You guessed it) stupid answers, or worse case scenario they are verbally asaulted for their stupidity or immaturity. However this did not stop me from asking a stupid question out of boredom! So I opened the “Ask! Question” screen..and began to type…..

My computer keeps giving me the message “Hit [ENTER] when ready” when I run certain programs, but there is no counter or anything visible to know when it’s ready. Any advice?

I expected to get flooded with replies like….”Learn2hitenter Noob! KKTHXBAI!” instead I got answers like…

heh (XD) that Windows for ya. But try asking a computer shop if they can fix the problem. I’m an expert in XP and Linux, but have never experienced this error (I get the BSoD). It’s probably a problem in the Registry, though. You wont want to mess with the Registry yourself, because the Registry is actually the core of XP! So, I recommend bringing it in to the shop for repair.


Is your computer really “freezing up”.
If it were freezing you wouldnt get a “Hit Enter when ready prompt”.

Sounds like u may have to many open programs, or perhaps the prompt is automatically going to minimized on the status bar.

Do you keep all your software updated? Outdated software can cause conflicts between programs and poor performance.

I often go to the microsoft knowledge base for good information. Open your internet explorer go to Help /online help

 I was flabbergasted and amazed….The answers were actually people trying to give REAL answers! I laughed til I was in tears, however after the laughing was done I thought back, and had learned that the saying “Ask a stupid Question, get a Stupid Answer” rule did not always apply.

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