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So in love…

Posted: April 30, 2007 in All about ME!

Have you ever been so in love with someone that your feelings for that person grows by leaps and bounds with every passing second? Have you ever loved someone so much that you felt it impossible to love a person anymore than you already love them, only to be proven wrong the next day when your love has climbed twice as high than it had before? Have you ever loved someone so much that just thinking of them is like being in paradise?

I have felt all of this, and in fact am still feeling it. I am in love, despite the fact that I not long ago was in a black pit of despair, and felt I could never really love again. This goddess of a woman proved me wrong. She unknowingly reached into my pit of darkness and grabbed me by the wrist and literally pulled me out, dusted me off and made me become reborn.

 All that I am, I am because of her. All that I ever will be, I will be because of her. She is my world, she is my everything. She is my “Reason”. She is the reason I continue on, The reason my heart beats, The reason I smile and The reason I love.

I have cared for her since nearly the first day we met. I might not have been in love at that point, but she did make me smile when nobody else could. Even when she wasnt trying her presence would just force a smile to my lips. Wasn’t too long though that my feelings for her became more than just the feelings one would have for a friend. I cared deeply for her, and over time those feelings evolved into love.

She has been by my side through some difficult times, has listened to me when I have fallen apart and her love for me has never faltered. She is more than any man could ever dream of, and definately more than I could ever deserve.

Thank you Naomi for everything. I love you, I love you, I love you…a thousand times I love you.


Clean as a whistle

Posted: April 30, 2007 in All about ME!

I just stepped out of the shower, not more than 2 minutes ago. It’s the 7th shower I have had today! Why? Well, not because I have some kind of conpulsive “Cleaness” thing going on! As a matter of fact I prefer things to be a little dirty instead of shiney clean! It makes things seem more lived in I suppose! It’s also not because of some irrational fear of germs and/or Bacteria. My irrational fears are reserved for bees, spiders and dogs.

So, now you know what reasons I didn’t have for taking showers, but still I havent said why I take so many! The answer is short and simple really. The heat! See? Quick, simple and to the point. It’s Summer and it’s hot! Which means being wet and sitting underneath a fan will cool me off 😀

Ok, first I want to CLEARLY state that I don’t intend for this post to come across as mean. Meaness was DEFINATELY not my intention. Shaide does not do mean. I am a nice loveable yet whacky kinda guy. Not a mean jerkwad. This post is because I am actually unsure of something….That being said, on to the actual question/comment/point of the blogpost.

MMORPGs are all the rage these days, I think every company either has one running, had one running or currently has one in the works. If you don’t know what an MMORPG is, then you probably aren’t into online gaming..but essentially its online role playing games..Like Everquest, World of Warcraft or Ultima Online. Hundreds of players play along side you or against you in these types of games.

A common thing on MMORPGs is “RL Photos” people really get curious who they are playing against..They want to know the face behind that lvl 70 Undead Warlock who keeps “Pwning” them while they quest. Im not exactly sure why, but thats what happens.

A free online RPG called Tales of Pirates is no different. On their website they have a section devoted to RL photos of their playerbase…and I browsed through a couple while I was sitting here at my desk being bored out of my skull. One picture caught my eye, and this is where some of you might think I am being mean…But I am NOT! Ok, enough trying to explain myself…My question is this..Is this person a male or female?? I feel a little stupid and embarassed, but I just don’t know the answer! I THINK the person might be female?

Ok, so here’s a little fun factoid about yours truly. I love the eighties! I love 80’s movies, 80’s songs even fashion from the 1980’s! Not to mention TV shows and cartoons 😀

Anyway, one of my favorite 80’s songs is “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor! Anyway, it’s been stuck in my head all day. So figured I would post the classic video for you to watch here..and maybe it can be stuck in your head too! 😉

I don’t get it?

Posted: April 30, 2007 in Comics
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Ok maybe I am weird, or just outright Dense. I however just don’t see how Ziggy Comic strips are funny! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not entirely retarded! I can see where the “Attempt” at humour is, I just don’t find it funny! Not even a little, Not even at all! In fact, it doesn’t even generate a chuckle of disbelief..and those come pretty easy! Like when your 10 year old cousin says “Where do cows go for fun? a-MOO-sment parks!”

Here is an example of a Ziggy strip….

Ziggy comic strip

See? Where is the FUNNY!!!???

Wasp? Hornet?

Posted: April 30, 2007 in All about ME!

So, just as I was sitting here finishing up my post about stealth games and hitting publish a Wasp or a hornet flew up and landed on my monitor! I am allergic to bee stings, so that freaked me out…I didn’t know WHAT to do, and why the hell was it flying around and in my house at 1:30 in the bloody morning anyway???

 So, I reached over and grabbed a netflix envelope, and reached out with it and squashed it! :O I am still shakey and nervous and paranoid, and the list can go on and on and on…what if there’s more? 😦 What if there’s bunches!!!!???? What if they made a hive somewhere near here, or worse yet..found a way into my house and made a hive! Like, in the back washroom, or in the attic or something? Bloody hell! Now I’ll never sleep!

I love stealth games! I have loved stealth games since “Metal Gear” first graced that wonderous chunk of gray plastic..”The Nintendo Entertainment System“. Since then I have played most if not all stealth titles released. Although my FAVORITE one by far is the Splinter Cell series! It has everything you could hope for in a stealth game, and in each new chapter of the saga, there’s ALWAYS more new things! It just keeps getting better!

Now, Splinter Cell maybe my favorite series overall, but it doesnt have the best PREMISE! Don’t get me wrong, the premise is great! Its just simply not the best premise on the market that appeals to me. My vote for best stealth title premise? Goes to the “Hitman” series. Maybe that’s just because I prefer playing characters that are total opposites from the person I am. So, evil or criminal type characters appeal to me..A lot! I find it fun to be someone I wouldn’t actually ever be, even if I had the skill and training.

Another stealth title that falls under the same umbrella as hitmans “So not me” shadow is the “Thief” series, which while a good series kind of falls flat in the presence of other titles of this genre. Not that it’s bad, just that it lacks some of the appeal carried by other stealth series that makes them stand out.

So, now you might be asking why exactly I am even writing about these games, considering this is my first post about games(Although in all fairness it’s also only like my third post. I am still finding my niche). Well, I will tell you! I have been recently re-playing the Splinter Cell series, starting from the first it as well as stealth games are on my mind, so I thought I would ramble on here about them for a few before I headed off to become Sam Fisher once more! 😉