Whopping Whopper


I’m sure most of you have heard about Burger King in japan selling their huge giant 7 patty whopper to celebrate the arrival of Windows 7. It’s an interesting promotion to say the least. I’m pretty sure if they wanted to have a promotion like that over here, people would blow up and scream bloody murder. I mean, people were up in arms over super sizing, and in comparison that’s nothing!

Anyway, this is my wee comic strip about the whole thing. Also, In case yer interested, I shall let you gaze upon the advertisement because im just that nice.



  1. 1
    tokyo5 Says:

    How did you learn about this?
    Is it well-known outside Japan?


  2. 2
    shaide Says:

    oh yea, it’s being talked about all over..at least here in America. Headline News and CNN both have had stories about it. Yesterday it was one of the top “Humor stories” lol

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